Announcing Rock Content’s Social Impact Report of 2020

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abril 19, 2021
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abril 19, 2021
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Announcing Rock Content’s Social Impact Report of 2020

Lima & Santana Propaganda, sua agência de publicidade e propaganda em Santos


In 2020, Rock Content remained committed to generating growth opportunities and sharing knowledge to accelerate social change.

Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, we worked hard to achieve our goals.

The Social Impact Report 2020 is the compilation of our efforts and results over the past year.

Moreover, compared to the Social Impact Report 2019, the document indicates how far we have come since the creation of, our social impact sector, and presents future plans.

In 2020, we impacted with a focus on: 

  • Quality education;
  • Employability;
  • Volunteer Commitment;
  • Diversity and Inclusion. 

Now, you can learn about the stories of those we have impacted and the results achieved to accelerate social change.

Access the report and check out our social impact progress in 2020!

Social Impact Report 2020


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